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NFB on CBC: Totem-Pole Carvers?

This newspaper clipping from The Vancouver Sun (1953) references a series that the NFB was working on including one episode called “Totem-Pole Carvers” I’m curious to know if this episode ever got made and broadcast. I can’t seem to find any reference to it on the NFB‘s website. Nor can I find anything searching Google. Maybe the lazyweb can find something more about this?

Roundabout with a Totem Pole Carver

I managed to get a copy of this audio recording (thanks, Lou-ann). I believe it may have been recorded sometime in the late 1940’s. It had to have been recorded after 1948 as Ellen mentions the totem pole at that was raised in front of Brock Hall at UBC.

It appears that Roundabout was a CBC radio program where guests were interviewed by a group of young children. It’s quite an interesting piece of auditory history. Enjoy.

Feel free to add any details that you know in the comments!